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How Can You Rent A Radar Gun
or Speed Timing Booth?

Simply call or email The Mody Company. We'll discuss your application and the appropriate units and accessories necessary. Rental forms can be downloaded from the icons at page left. Just fill one out and email back to reserve your unit. We accept all major credit cards for payment and we'll mail you the necessary equipment anywhere in the continental United States. To learn how to best use a radar gun for your purpose, click the appropriate application icon at the top of this page. We also have a FAQ page to answer your most frequently asked questions.





Radar Gun Rentals:
Hand-held units powered by rechargeable battery. Accuracy is 1/10 MPH. Units can time as low as 5MP & 1MPH. Radar gun settings can be selected to optimize application from sports to vehicle and can filter out unwanted low or hi speeds. Units can be operated hands free or with the trigger. These are Professional units. Not cheap dept. store toys.
radar gun speed pad
Radar Gun Rentals with 3.1 Display
These bright displays are exciting crowd enhancements for any event and must be powered by a standard 110V outlet and connect to the radar gun by a 20' cable. The displays stand by retractable feet and the radar gun can be mounted to any camera tripod. Readings will show on both the back of radar gun and on external display.
Speed Pitching and Kicking Game System:
Fairs, Tournaments, Corporate Promotions... this fully enclosed 10 x 10 cage arrives as one unit with no assembly. It pops open out of the box. You simply attache the surround netting and graphic impact mat and start the fun. Radar gun can be set behind the cage for hands free operation and 20' cable allows display to show speeds to the crowd.